Uppsala University

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden, and is the oldest university in Sweden and all of the Nordic countries, founded in 1477.It ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe in international rankings.The university uses “Gratiae veritas naturae” as its motto and embraces natural sciences.

The university rose to pronounced significance during the rise of Sweden as a great power at the end of the 16th century and was then given a relative financial stability with the large donation of King Gustavus Adolphus in the early 17th century. Uppsala also has an important historical place in Swedish national culture, identity and for the Swedish establishment: in historiography, literature, politics, and music. Many aspects of Swedish academic culture in general, such as the white student cap, originated in Uppsala. It shares some peculiarities, such as the student nation system, with Lund University and the University of Helsinki.

Uppsala belongs to the Coimbra Group of European universities. The university has nine faculties distributed over three “disciplinary domains”. It has about 24,000 full-time students and 2,400 doctoral students. It has a teaching staff of roughly 1,800 (part-time and full-time) out of a total of 6,500 employees.Twenty-five per cent of the 674 professors at the university are women.Of its turnover of SEK 5.9 billion (approx. USD 900 million) in 2013, 30% was spent on education on basic and advanced level, while 66% was spent on research and research programs.

University highlights

  • University of Uppsala is ranked among top 100 universities of world by Times Higher Education and QS World Rankings
  • Established in 1477,University of Uppsala is the oldest college of Sweden and houses to 8 Nobel Laureautes till date
  • Agreements of student exchange with almost 400 foreign universities in 50 countries
  • More than 2400 PhD students and over 70% of university turnover relates to doctoral education and research
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