University of Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg was founded as Göteborgs högskola (Gothenburg University College) in 1891. In 1907 it was granted the same status as Uppsala University and Lund University by the Swedish government, thus creating Sweden’s third university.

Over the course of time, it has merged with a number of previously independent higher education institutions in the city and has continuously expanded its study profile. It was granted the rights of a full university by the Swedish Government in 1954, following the merger of the Göteborgs högskola (Gothenburg College) with the Medicinhögskolan i Göteborg (Gothenburg Medical School).

In 1971, the originally separate Gothenburg School of Economics and Commercial Law became part of the University of Gothenburg.

University highlights

  • The University of Gothenburg tackles society’s challenges with diverse knowledge
  • 37 000 students and 6 000 employees make the University a large and inspiring place to work and study, with a continuous flow of new knowledge and ideas
  • It is 123 years old University
  • The University has a Direct government funding of SEK 3,700 million
  • There are 6561 degrees that this college awrds
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