Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University (LNU) (Swedish: Linnéuniversitetet) is a state university in the Småland region of Sweden. It has two campuses, one in Växjö and one in Kalmar. Linnaeus University was established in 2010 by a merger of former Växjö University and Kalmar University (Högskolan i Kalmar), and has been named in honour of botanist Carl Linnaeus.

Växjö University began as a local department of Lund University in 1967. The department became an independent university college in 1970, and was granted full university status in 1999.

Kalmar University was similarly a university college, founded in 1977. Though not a university by the Swedish definition, it had been entitled to issue doctoral degrees in the natural sciences since 1999.

University highlights

  • Linnaeus University is one of Sweden’s newest higher education institutions which was formed as the result of a merger between Växjö University and University of Kalmar in 2010
  • 31,000 students in 150 degree programmes and 2,500 single-subject courses
  • 900 incoming international students
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