Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College, formerly Lethbridge Community College, was opened in 1957 as the first public community college in Canada. Over 4,000 students attend the Lethbridge, Alberta, institution.

Lethbridge College is a member of the Alberta Rural Development Network.

Lethbridge Junior College opened in 1957 as the first public community college in Canada.On 14 February 2007, the college’s executive council voted to change the name of the college to “Lethbridge College”.

University highlights

  • Lethbridge College offers a wide spectrum of courses in human services, health, trades, technologies, justice, environmental science and more
  • Roughly $600,000 available annually for scholarships
  • It has a campus of 274 acres and has 4,000 full-time students annually
  • Small classes with an average size of 25 students
  • 85 per cent of all Lethbridge College graduates are currently employed
  • It has five instructors named as best in southern Alberta by the apprenticeship and industry training board
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