Konkuk University

Konkuk University

Konkuk University is a private university located in Seoul and Chungju. The Seoul campus is located in the southeastern part of Seoul, near the Han River, and is served by a metro station of the same name. The Seoul campus has 16 undergraduate colleges and 13 graduate schools, whereas the GLOCAL campus in Chungju is composed of 6 undergraduate colleges and 4 graduate schools. As of 2014, approximately 25,600 undergraduate and graduate students were enrolled in the university, which has more than 3,000 faculty and staff.

University highlights

  • University invites a large group of international students from diverse countries every semester
  • It has achieved remarkable growth by forming partnerships with 449 universities
    in 59 countries
  • It is developing numerous inbound and outbound student programs for Konkuk and international students
  • The number of International Students enrolled in Undergraduate programs are 1400 and in Graduate programs are 400
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