Jonkoping University

Jonkoping University

1897: The first nursing students received their degree qualifications in Jönköping by Jönköping County. 1947: An elementary-school teacher’s training college was established in Jönköping. 1963: A pre-school teacher’s training college started in Jönköping. 1968: The elementary-school teacher’s training college becomes “Jönköping Teacher School” and moves house to Västra Torget. The county’s central school for the caring profession moves to new premises on Munksjö beach and in 1971 changes its name to “Munksjö School”. 1970: The Institute for Gerontology and the “Ortos” Laboratory were started by Jönköping County, they later became part of the School of Health Sciences. 1975: Higher Vocational Education started in Jönköping.

1977: Reform of Swedish higher education. Jönköping University College is set up as a state university college. The “Jönköping Teacher School” and the pre-school teacher’s training college merged into the university. A two-year economic education started, become three-year in 1978. The Communication Officer (Informatör) programme started this year, it later became the Media and Communication programme. Some of the caring programmes at the Munksjö School become university programmes.

University highlights

  • One of three Swedish private, non-profit institutions of higher education
  • 1,109 incoming students from 80 countries
  • Characterized by internationalization, an entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration with surrounding society
    450 full-time equivalent teachers (53 per cent women)
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