Graduate School of Management, Globis University, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Graduate School of Management, Globis University, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

The Graduate School of Management, Globis University is a graduate business school in Tokyo, Japan. The school offers part-time MBA programs on weekdays and weekends in Japanese and English. It launched a full-time MBA program in September 2012.

Globis was ranked first among Japanese MBA schools by Nikkei Career Magazine for 2010 in student satisfaction. In a survey by Nikkei Inc. and Nikkei Human Resources Inc. conducted in July 2012, Globis ranked third in the Top Popularity Ranking of business schools in Japan, surpassing well-known traditional business schools such as Hitotsubashi and Aoyama Gakuin. When MBA students and graduates were asked to rank their favorite business schools in the same survey, the Globis MBA was ranked 1st in East Japan and 2nd in West Japan.

It is currently the fastest growing business school in Japan educating over 7,000 students each year.[citation needed]

Globis also provides corporate training to Japan’s largest corporations and has been praised by many[according to whom?] for its practical curriculum and experienced lecturers.

With its “MBA Management Book Series”, Globis has spread its influence even further by selling over 1.3 million copies throughout Japan.

Globis is considered as a significant indicator to the acceptance of the MBA system in Japan.

University highlights

  • Largest business school in Japan
  • With five campuses nationwide and two offices abroad, GLOBIS is fast becoming recognized as one of Asia’s fastest growing business schools
  • Has a diverse mix of students, global faculty and has associations with top business leaders


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